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Do Your Great Work Book Trailer

Check out a book trailer I just finished. The author, Mariette D. Edwards, is a business coach specializing in career choreography for high achieving creatives, mavericks and key players up to big things.… Continue reading

Scotland Bound

Kay, Mariette and I are busy preparing to leave for Scotland and Ireland tomorrow. Needless to say we are very excited though all of us have some lingering health troubles to deal with.… Continue reading

Third Trip to South Africa Coming Soon!

Leaving on the 23rd for Johannesburg! We are getting close on finishing filming of MaKwereKwere! One more trip to SA to finish interviews, pick up some b-roll, and then we are on to… Continue reading

Black and (or?) White – Part 2

KAY’S POST I have noticed one thing about the parts of South Africa that we have seen so far. There seems to be a delicate dance between black, white English speaking, and white… Continue reading

The first trip is coming up!

No, it is not work related but any time one has a chance to spend a week relaxing on tranquil St. Simons Island, it is worth writing about! And so we are getting… Continue reading

It’s official!

I finally started a blog to document my adventures in filmmaking and globetrotting, and to address and highlight many human rights and justice issues that I am interested in.